The Frontside Films Journey...

We are so grateful for the experiences this life has given us. As we look back on the last 10 years we have been in this business it has taken us on so many wonderful adventures. We are especially grateful for the amazing people we have had the chance to work with along the way; from our clients to vendors and other businesses. Through the process of working with you; you have become part of us. We feel that each client we’ve worked with is part of our Frontside Family. We wish each of you much joy, happiness and prosperity in your lives. We love to keep in touch and hear how your families and businesses are expanding. Thank you to all those who trust us with your referrals. We look forward to our continued association with you. It still blows our minds that all this occurred because of a Christmas gift from Amy to Damon; his first video camera. It was meant to film us wakeboarding so that we could improve our technique. It ended up taking us down a whole different path in life. We believe it was no accident this happened. It has been so rewarding to capture memories, concepts and adventures and preserve them in a beautiful and meaningful way. 


Here is a little about what you can expect should you choose to journey with us:

*You can put our art background growing up and through college to work for you.

*We can see projects finished before we ever press record or look behind the lens. This gift is in all aspects of the work. 

* We have a hard work ethic, determination and drive to make each project/wedding the best it can be. 

* We are continually focused on learning and improving and acquiring the necessary gear needed to compete at the highest levels of this industry.

* We have a talent of choosing the right music to accompany the visuals. We frequently research new and obscure music. We have a library of 20,000+ songs on iTunes to draw from.

*Most importantly, our sincere care for each and every one of our clients and a desire to create films that are important to them.

We would love to film your wedding or commercial project. Let us know how we can capture your “perspective with purpose.”