Where to begin…..This event was much more than a wedding. It was a beautiful journey from beginning to end. It began on a warm night in Costa Rica with a welcome dinner and personal concert. At this welcome dinner Ryan, Kelly and I met Chris and Jessica for the first time. Damon had met Chris prior because he married one of our other couples and after seeing the wedding film booked his wedding and other commercial work with us. At this dinner, Chris invited us to be “all in” for the events of the week. He also told us that this was an extraordinary group of people that they had invited to share this week with them in Costa Rica. We felt of their great love for each other, their friends and family and also for us. They are some of the most giving, loving, and sincere people we know. Throughout the week it was awesome to see this group of people interact with each other. They truly are extraordinary and we feel so grateful to have met each one and been able to participate with them all week. They included us in every way as part of their community. Day 2 was a quad tour of Nosara Costa Rica. The entire wedding party climbed on as many quads as it took and followed each other through the rugged, muddy dirt roads of Nosara. We saw the jungle, the ocean, monkeys and wild life. The ocean was wonderfully, warm and inviting. Day 3 was zip lining with Miss Sky Canopy Tours. We did 18 long lines above the thick, lush jungle. This day ended with a jungle tour and water fall visit. Day 4 was wedding day. The first look was so sweet and emotional as well as their letters to each other. Their wedding was at a restaurant on the ocean. They were going to get married on the beach but a tropical storm down poured during the ceremony. They remained flexible and it worked out beautifully on the outside of the restaurant under the covered patio. They were still able to get some good pics and video on the beach after the ceremony. They had oxen that would have delivered Jessica to the ceremony location that they still used. The ceremony was performed by Chris’ best friend Rich. The speeches were from the heart each one. One of the most emotional times during weddings is the first dance, this was no exception. After they had been dancing a bit their little son Jake came by, they picked him up and included him in their dance. It was such a sweet moment. The night ended with magnificent fireworks on the beach overlooking the ocean. The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a morning surf session the following day. It truly was a perfect day; a perfect week! Here are a couple of quotes we love from Chris and Jessica. From Jessica to Chris, “You are my favorite person, my happily ever after, my dream come true.” From Chris to Jessica, “I am 100% all in, you have all of me.” Thank you to Chris and Jessica for inviting us along to Costa Rica with you and your loved ones! You have changed our lives forever! We love you and wish you every happiness! We also want to thank our good friends/ travel companions/ business partners Ryan and Kelly for coming with us to Costa Rica! Ryan, thank you for all your help filming with Damon the entire week! Kelly, thank you for the friendship and fun! Pura Vida…..Pure life!!!!!!