How can you go wrong meeting up with an awesome couple, talented photographer/friend, and being in one of the most beautiful places on earth to photograph. Yep thats right Paul and Regina an amazing couple, Travis from THP (Photography), and Napa Valley, the Location. Regina had seen Travis and I's work and wanted to do something special for Paul as a gift. So she called us to come do an E-shoot for her and Paul. The day we met for the session things went great. It was so fun to get to know Paul and Regina. Interestingly enough though when I got home I found that I felt I needed a bit more filming. It wasn't that I didn't have enough great film from the shoot, but it was that I felt there was more to their story. I asked them if I could come back and do a little more filming. They were excited to have me meet up with them again. WOW, is all I can say it was so worth it. Amy came and helped me and we had so much fun, we focused on filming some things that were more casual and told a much better story of who they are. I can only say I am so happy to do what I do. The opportunities that Amy and I have getting to create memories for such amazing couples like Paul and Regina, makes all the work on each one of these projects worth it. I put my heart into every film and want each one to be the best I can make it for each couple. I pour over every film and spend hours reviewing the tape to make sure I didn't miss anything or any detail that might help tell the story better. Thank You so much Paul and Regina for letting us be apart of your lives. Best wishes for you both on your wedding day.