Chris and Jessica a Nosara, Costa Rica Wedding Story

Where to begin…..This event was much more than a wedding. It was a beautiful journey from beginning to end. It began on a warm night in Costa Rica with a welcome dinner and personal concert. At this welcome dinner Ryan, Kelly and I met Chris and Jessica for the first time. Damon had met Chris prior because he married one of our other couples and after seeing the wedding film booked his wedding and other commercial work with us. At this dinner, Chris invited us to be “all in” for the events of the week. He also told us that this was an extraordinary group of people that they had invited to share this week with them in Costa Rica. We felt of their great love for each other, their friends and family and also for us. They are some of the most giving, loving, and sincere people we know. Throughout the week it was awesome to see this group of people interact with each other. They truly are extraordinary and we feel so grateful to have met each one and been able to participate with them all week. They included us in every way as part of their community. Day 2 was a quad tour of Nosara Costa Rica. The entire wedding party climbed on as many quads as it took and followed each other through the rugged, muddy dirt roads of Nosara. We saw the jungle, the ocean, monkeys and wild life. The ocean was wonderfully, warm and inviting. Day 3 was zip lining with Miss Sky Canopy Tours. We did 18 long lines above the thick, lush jungle. This day ended with a jungle tour and water fall visit. Day 4 was wedding day. The first look was so sweet and emotional as well as their letters to each other. Their wedding was at a restaurant on the ocean. They were going to get married on the beach but a tropical storm down poured during the ceremony. They remained flexible and it worked out beautifully on the outside of the restaurant under the covered patio. They were still able to get some good pics and video on the beach after the ceremony. They had oxen that would have delivered Jessica to the ceremony location that they still used. The ceremony was performed by Chris’ best friend Rich. The speeches were from the heart each one. One of the most emotional times during weddings is the first dance, this was no exception. After they had been dancing a bit their little son Jake came by, they picked him up and included him in their dance. It was such a sweet moment. The night ended with magnificent fireworks on the beach overlooking the ocean. The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a morning surf session the following day. It truly was a perfect day; a perfect week! Here are a couple of quotes we love from Chris and Jessica. From Jessica to Chris, “You are my favorite person, my happily ever after, my dream come true.” From Chris to Jessica, “I am 100% all in, you have all of me.” Thank you to Chris and Jessica for inviting us along to Costa Rica with you and your loved ones! You have changed our lives forever! We love you and wish you every happiness! We also want to thank our good friends/ travel companions/ business partners Ryan and Kelly for coming with us to Costa Rica! Ryan, thank you for all your help filming with Damon the entire week! Kelly, thank you for the friendship and fun! Pura Vida…..Pure life!!!!!!

Ryan and Candice Wedding Highlight

Yes this has been a while in the making and Ryan and Candice are some of my two favorite people. Several summer days were spent wakeboarding, filming, and watching as these two started their relationship. Now its official, and I couldn't be happier for them. Cheers to you both and your future together.

Avenue of the Giants

Our holiday greeting video this year is brought to you from the Fort Bragg coastline and Avenue of the Giants. During this holiday season our hearts are full of gratitude for all our many blessings! At the top of that list is our faith, family and friends! We hope this season and New Year is filled with love, joy, peace, light and an abundance of blessings of every kind for you and your families! We also want to express gratitude to those who used our services this last year and refer us business! Thank you for making our growth possible! We look forward to our continued association with you in the coming year!


Damon and Amy Chamberlain Family

Frontside Films

Chamberlain Landscaping

Derek and Lisa's Wedding Highlight/ Monterey Videographer

I have known Derek for awhile, and have had a few opportunities to film him wakeboarding. When I got the call to be able to film Lisa and his wedding, I was so happy and honored to be apart of capturing their wedding. This film is the best way I know how to say cheers to you both and many happy married years in the future. Congrats Derek and Lisa!!!

Blake and Margaret Wedding Highlight/Sacramento Temple Videographer

Families are forever. Even though this is the first of infinite acts promising dedication to one another, one look at Blake and Margaret together and it is transparent that their bond has always been, and always will be timeless.

Dakin and Laura's highlight

Rodney and Anna Wedding Highlight/Cornerstone and Napa Videographer

What we feel for someone we love is transcendent of time and space. The most powerful way we can grasp this feeling and hold onto it throughout our lives is by declaring it in an act of marriage. Anna and Rodney will always be held together by this, and the by the promise they made to forever honor their love for one another.

Dakin and Laura's highlight

Edmund and Olivia Wedding Highlight Film/Napa Videographer

One of our most basic needs is love. We are instinctively drawn to our significant others to find that when we meet them, they are so important that we can't imagine a life without them. Edmund and Olivia are such a match. They have a unique and irreplaceable bond that will keep them together for the rest of their lives.

Dakin and Laura's highlight

Colin and Stacy's Wedding Highlight Film/ Lake Tahoe Videographer

In the early stages of life when we are learning about love, there is often a lingering question of how will we know when we've found it in the right counterpart. What does it feel like to fall in love? The answer to that question is unexplainable because when we stumble upon it, it takes us by surprise and completely baffles us. That is how we know we have found it.

Tim and Linnea Wedding Highlight/Los Angeles and Fallbrook Wedding Videographer

"The best stories and fairytales that you are going to share are the ones that you create together. Nobody knows you two and loves you two like one another and only you are going to know what's best for each other. In the end, you guys make your own way; because if you two are happy in your marriage, then everybody else who loves you will be happy as well." ~Tim's brother, Dan Chaves

Dakin and Laura's highlight

Forrest and Caitlin's Wedding Highlight/ Eldorado County Videographer

Marriage is one of life's greatest commitments that fills us with the greatest joy. The promises made on a wedding day are made from a place of want and fulfillment. They are a gift to be able to give as much as they are to a gift to be able to receive. The great joy about marriage is that the promises made on the wedding day are only the first of many yet to come. A lifetime together means a lifetime of new promises that will come from places that took root in unique paths created together.

Dakin and Laura's highlight

Nick and Ashley's Wedding Highlight/Livermoore Videographer

It is no secret that love is infinite. It exists in many capacities and forms, yet there is only one type of love that we all strive to find. It's not easy to come across this type of love that forever stands as intensely as when it was new, but Nick and Ashley knew well enough when they found one another that they had something truly unique and exceptional to hold on to.

Mike and Katie Wedding Highlight Video/Sacramento Videographer

What we feel in life is a reflection of our perspective and our perspective is carved from a life full of different experiences. When we meet someone who inspires us to see the world differently, they literally change our world, and how we feel about life as a whole. This is what Mike and Katie have done for each other. They have enlightened each other to a new world and the best life together.

Dakin and Laura's highlight

David and Erin Wedding Highlight/Sacramento Temple Videographer

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to film David and Erin's wedding. We have known both of their families for years. They are wonderful people and very special to us. David and Erin dated for a bit before getting engaged. We, like most of their friends and family, anticipated what we knew would eventually happen for them. When we found out David had proposed, we were so excited for them to be married. The joining of two amazing families and two amazing individuals. David and Erin, thank you for letting us be part of your special day and for taking the time with us for the engagement session too! We wish you all the joy and happiness in the world!

Rick and Amy Wedding Highlight

Perfection is something that we all strive for, even though it already surrounds us; we just have to know how to see it. For Rick and Amy it wasn't hard to see it at all when they found it in their love for one another. Everything with these two fits perfectly together, and we are excited for what the future unfolds for them!

Dakin and Laura's highlight