Dan and Tracey Wedding Highlight Citizen Hotel/Sacramento Videographer

While relationships have a common theme, each one is completely unique. They are irreplaceable, which is a big part of what makes them so significant. With every combined characteristic and quirk of the couple, the relationship becomes a celebration of the strength in their bond. The bond between Dan and Tracey is undeniable and we were so grateful to witness this new beginning in their life together

Troy and TJ Wedding Highlight /Napa/Farmstead Videographer

Every once in a while, life sends something our way that is so wonderful, that it makes up for any challenges we have ever had. One of those wonders is finding the one whom we will take on the world with. Tj and Troy have found in each other, someone who will always hold the other up and have their back. We wish them a lifetime of treasuring this wonder that has come their way.

Eric and Stephanie Wedding Highlight/ Cornerstone Napa Videographer

Every building block of a masterpiece has it's own creative significance, but each is brought together to become something greater. They are drawn together as though they were always meant to be that way in the completed picture. Eric and Stephanie came together in a garden of commissioned masterpieces, and added their own. We wish for them a lifetime of building blocks founded on the creative significance of this day.
On a side note we had the chance to work again with the wonderful Kate Whelan, of Kate Whelan Events who planned this beautiful wedding. To get in touch with her, head to the link below.

Kate Whelan Events

Matthew and Kelly Wedding Highlight/ New Castle Wedding Gardens Videographer

Something amazing happens when one finally finds the love of their life. Even though the rest of the world remains unaltered, two lives change completely. When Matt and Kelly found one another, they found something they didn't even realize they were missing until they discovered they couldn't live without it. Not even the rain could hinder their excitement to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives together! Thank you for having us along to capture the memory that marks the beginning of your new journey together!

Eugene and Suzanne Wedding highlight/ Lafayette Park Hotel Videographer

Even though love is powerful enough to uphold an encompassing space in our souls, we accompany our feelings with an exchange of tokens or acts. This is because there are never enough ways to express how we feel for one another, so when we look at a token or remember an act that we committed for the purpose of expressing ourselves, it re-envokes and expands our ability to express how we feel. We were reminded of this with Eugene and Suzanne because one can simply see the intense connection between them and wonder how it could possibly be made stronger. We are excited about their future and could not have been more thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful day with them!
If your looking for an awesome photographer and an all around great guy then connect with Augie Chang. We had a blast working with him and we’re positive you will too.

Augie Chang Photography

Nick and Lois Wedding Highlight/Grand Island Mansion Videographer.

The most significant relationships we will ever have is that which we have with our families. It is universally built up of those who choose to be by our side through everything. What really stood out to us on this day with Nick and Lois, was how solid their bond is. Even though this day marked a new beginning of their life as a family, they have proven to be meant for each other for a long time. We are grateful to have been included in their open hearts and welcome them to our Frontside Films family!!!

Eric and Rodelia Wedding Highlight V. Sattui/Napa Videographer

Love is timeless; it does not wane with age. Eric and Rodelia have this unfaltering connection, which they declared to each other in a 100 year old church. Witnessing this in a place that has housed a century of promises, opened a window into the future. It was not the vows they made today that mark their story, but the vows that they will keep for years and years to come. Thank you for sharing this epiphanic day with us!

Kevin and Roxanne Wedding Highlight Sacramento/Citizen Hotel/Arden Hills Videographer

True love is always worth waiting for. Kevin and Roxanne's love has withstood one of the greatest challenges, long distance. Their devotion to each other, despite the distance between them, attests to the strength of their bond and brought them to this day! We are so excited to have been able to capture this memory for them and wish them many more great chapters in their love story!

John and Suedy Wedding Highlight Santa Cruz/Seascape Videographer

It is not always clear how, or why we fall in love, but it always sneaks up on us when we are least expecting it. There is an undeniable spiritual connection that we discover when we find the right one. Suedy and John found this in each other the day they met and it shows in the way they unconsciously smile when they look at each other, and the way they celebrate and love even the smallest details about one another. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture this day for them! It is just the start of a phenomenal life that they get to create together.

Steve and Jessica Wedding Highlight Squaw Valley/Plump Jack Videographer

Each of our couples have a unique story. It is amazing to have witnessed so many great love stories that have blossomed form infinitely different beginnings. Our culture is constantly conditioned by the media to believe that the best love stories have to unfold in specific ways, yet the reality is that each one is equally as romantic and inspiring in its own way. We feel truly fortunate to have had our eyes opened to this, and thank Steve and Jessica for sharing their love story with us all, and for helping us continue to broaden the spectrum of understanding true love!

Also check out the amazing event planning for this wedding done by Aimee Wendell at 2 Chic Events

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