Steve and Roxanne Wedding Highlight/Napa Wedding Videographer

There is an unmatchable happiness that comes from giving; it is one of the key ingredients in successful marriages. When two lives are bound together for a lifetime, they get to share endless possibilities of regenerating bliss through giving and receiving acts of love. What better way to spend "happily ever after"?

Bronzon and Junie’s Wedding Film/ Chico Wedding Videographer

Many of the roads we travel in life often lead us places we never knew existed. This can be said of marriage and the relationships. The road of marriage will most certainly take you on a Journey of amazing proportions, to which thankfully it can be shared with your partner for life. Thank you Bronzon and Junie for sharing the start of your Journey.

Tom and Ashley Wedding Film/Pebble Beach Videographer

Nothing compares to the comfort we feel when we are at home. For some, home is tangible, a place that feels safe; for others it is more expansive like a feeling or commitment. For Tom and Ashley it is each other. No matter where life takes them, may they always feel that comfort when they are together.

Chris and Khara Wedding Film/Bay Area and Sacramento Wedding Videographer

The one thing we can predict about life is that it will always be unpredictable. Sometimes we are faced with obstacles, and sometimes those obstacles lead us to miracles. Finding someone we look forward to spending the rest of our lives with is one of those journeys that lead us to many of life's miracles. We were fortunate enough to capture this glimpse of Chris and Khara's journey together, and welcome them to the world of endless possibilities together!

Ben and Laura Wedding Highlight/Sacramento Videographer

Simple math says that one plus one equals two. However in one example are two meant to become one. Ben and Laura have added their lives together, and we are happy to have been apart of

the day they started their journey toward becoming one. Congratulations Ben and Laura!!

Kili and Amber Wedding Highlight/Santa Margarita Ranch Videographer

One of my favorite things about life, are my relationships. Nothing is better than to watch a small piece of the evolution of another relationship coming to fruition. Kili and Amber congratulations!

Christian and Amy Highlight Sacramento/Roseville Videographer

When you live life to its fullest, life graces you with fullness. Christian and Amy were doing just that when they happened to meet on a plane that was taking them both on an excursion of self discovery. In seeking the best of themselves, they discovered each other!

Vince and Maria Wedding Highlight Sacramento/Arden Hills Videographer

Perhaps one of the most powerful things we can give is trust. It is a window of vulnerability that empowers another to connect with us on a deeper level. With that connection, a space of mutual strength and growth is created. Together, Vince and Maria have a powerful bond that will unfalteringly keep their commitment to each other strong throughout the blessings and trails of the rest of their lives. Congratulations on a glowing new life together!

Joe and Rosie Wedding Highlight /Sacramento/Memorial Auditorium Videographer

When we meet someone whom we can't get enough of…someone we want to be around all of the time…someone who's daily life becomes so engrained with our own that their name becomes an extension of ours when others talk about us; that is when we know we have found the one, and that is what Joe and Rosie have found in each other. May they have a lifetime of never getting enough of one another!

Dan and Lupita Wedding Highlight/Sacramento/Blessed Cathedral Videographer

Joy is a temporary feeling which is manifested by a more long-term fulfillment, happiness. There are fundamental parts of life that come together to actualize this fulfillment, one of which being the promise of joining lives that Dan and Lupita have made. Now they have found their happiness and we wish for them a future of countless new joys.

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