Memories by Tanya Photography

Memories define us, like the stars in a constellation, only when we connect them together can we see amazing arrangements of who we are. Tanya has a gift of seeing those connections through her photography, she can link those defining moments that make up a galaxy of constellations. We were so happy at Frontside films to watch as a universe unfolded. Thank you Tanya for having us along. For more about Tanya check her work out here.

Memories by Tanya

Capture Photography/Shellie Kennedy Feature

Life has this wonderful habit of being uniquely extraordinary for every person! No matter who you are, you have a catalogue of contagiously happy memories that you will keep with you and share forever. We build from these memories a drive to discover and live the good life. This is what has driven Shellie Kennedy down the path to being the great photographer that she is. She has shared her vision of the "Good Life", to help you discover and share yours!

What does the "Good Life" look like to you? For more check out Shellie over at….

Capture Photography

Mariea Rummel Photography/ El Dorado County Videography

I started working on this back in March for Mariea. We did a few takes on the interview parts and then it was off to film Mariea at work. After all the editing and revision its time. Now presenting Mariea Rummel Photography.

Song is by Ryan Rebo “Blue Times Together”

Studio B Photography Promo/ El Dorado County Videographer

All done this took a bit working out the kinks and animation. I had to use photoshop, AE, and FCP to make this. Comment and let me know what you think. Then check out Benton Photography. They do great work.

Chamberlain Family with Studio B (Benton Photography)

Its a new mix with photos done by benton photography. Get a photo shoot and have me do your film.

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