Brielle’s First Birthday

One of my favorite parts of filming memories, is watching families grow. It wasn't long ago I filmed Ben and Erin's wedding, and now Brielle is turning one. Time flies, so catch it in a bottle when you can, or at least on film. So happy I could be apart of the on going story of Ben, Erin and now Brielle. Happy Birthday Ben and Brielle!

The Christensen Family

Heres something a little outside some of what I do, but equally rewarding. My Brother Dakin brought me along to film his photo shoot with the Christensens. I've known them for quite sometime, so it was all the better to hang out and capture the fun. Thank you Daman, Stephanie, and Kiddo's for having me along, and waiting for me to get this done. At least it was done before they got to high school, right Stephanie. 🙂

The Aaron & Leslie Lungren Family/ Coloma Videographer

This is a family photo shoot/love story for The Aaron & Leslie Lungren family. Amy grew up with Aaron and Leslie, they are some of the most awesome people we know. Thanks Aaron and Leslie and Studio B for having us along.

Chamberlain Family with Studio B (Benton Photography)

Its a new mix with photos done by benton photography. Get a photo shoot and have me do your film.

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