Eric and Rodelia Engagement Film San Francisco Videographer

When I met Eric and Rodelia to film I knew we were going to have a good time. These two have a love for their dogs, life, and most of all each other. We started out near their home in San Francisco, spending a day doing what they love to do. If your curious what it is, take a look at what went down. I am looking forward to being apart of their wedding day.

Andy and Amy Engagement Story Sacramento Engagement Videographer

You’ve probably noticed by now that I don’t do to many engagement stories, more typically an engagement music video. However Andy and Amy had an idea to do a bit more of a day in the life. I don’t think it could have turned out more perfectly. We don’t always have to be jumping out of airplanes, just to be a super cool couple. Love can be the biggest rush! Thank you Andy and Amy, I am looking forward to filming your wedding in 3 days!

Dave and Gina Engagement Film/Bodega Bay Videographer

Bodega Bay is a special location for Dave and Gina. Come take a ride with Duke, their chocolate lab, as we head to where Dave proposed. The ocean is such a wonderful place to be in love; so many fun things to do and see. We love the dreaminess of how their film turned out and the evident love and connection between these two. Dave and Gina, Thanks for sharing your story with us and letting us do this for you; we hope you love it!!

Steven and Stephanie Engagement Film

Steven and Stephanie, love their dogs, ice skating and spending time together just hanging out. Who doesn’t love to do just do that. Their story began in San Jose, and we decided that would be a great spot to revisit some of the memorable locations they spent time together at. This also included where Steven proposed as well. Here it is the dog park, christmas in the park, and the ice rink, these are some of the parts that make up who Steven and Stephanie are.

Trevor and Erica E-Film/Folsom Videographer

Trevor and Erica are San Diego Chargers fans, and who doesn’t love football. With that in mind Trevor and Erica were all play for this film. I had such a great time making this. We wandered some of old Folsom and a park nearby, to name a few of the spots we went to. So pull up a chair and watch its game time! Go Chargers!

Arthur and Euodias Engagement film/ Stockton Videographers


Arthur and Euodias found us from the KCRA challenge results. Thanks so much to all of you who voted!! We filmed their e-shoot at the UOP Stockton Campus where the two of them went to school. They shared with us their story of how they met and ended up getting engaged. They also shared this film at their reception so their guests could hear their story. It was awesome working with these two! They are some of the most genuine and good hearted people we have met!

Wyatt and Vanessa/ Carvalho Family Winery Videographer

Carvalho Family Winery is a beautiful location to spend the day picnicing, winetasting, or like Wyatt and Vanessa decided to do just relax and enjoy a great afternoon together. Vineyard, picnic, wine, walks, and even a little dancing. Its all in this story, watch as the day unfolds for Wyatt and Vanessa, at Carvahlo Family Winery, and the Old Sugar Mill.

The Song is By Raphael Saadiq “Just One Kiss” (feat. Joss Stone)

Chris and Amy the Proposal

My good friend David Cerevenka wanted to get his best friend and fiance Amy a wedding gift that would last. What better thing to give than an engagement story. This was certainly a different challenge for me, because so far to date I have had more focus on music video style E-shoots. David and I came up with some ideas and Chris and Amy were excited and on board for it, so off we went and this was the result. Thank You so much David for trusting me with your friends and Thank You equally to Chris and Amy for having me do this. It was so awesome to get to know you both and being able to do something so special for you both.

Paul and Regina Engagement/ Napa Valley Videographer

How can you go wrong meeting up with an awesome couple, talented photographer/friend, and being in one of the most beautiful places on earth to photograph. Yep thats right Paul and Regina an amazing couple, Travis from THP (Photography), and Napa Valley, the Location. Regina had seen Travis and I’s work and wanted to do something special for Paul as a gift. So she called us to come do an E-shoot for her and Paul. The day we met for the session things went great. It was so fun to get to know Paul and Regina. Interestingly enough though when I got home I found that I felt I needed a bit more filming. It wasn’t that I didn’t have enough great film from the shoot, but it was that I felt there was more to their story. I asked them if I could come back and do a little more filming. They were excited to have me meet up with them again. WOW, is all I can say it was so worth it. Amy came and helped me and we had so much fun, we focused on filming some things that were more casual and told a much better story of who they are. I can only say I am so happy to do what I do. The opportunities that Amy and I have getting to create memories for such amazing couples like Paul and Regina, makes all the work on each one of these projects worth it. I put my heart into every film and want each one to be the best I can make it for each couple. I pour over every film and spend hours reviewing the tape to make sure I didn’t miss anything or any detail that might help tell the story better. Thank You so much Paul and Regina for letting us be apart of your lives. Best wishes for you both on your wedding day.

Jason and Allyson/ Davis Videographer

Here is the second in a three part series, of E shoots with Mariea Rummel Photography. Who doesn't have a favorite team or better yet a favorite jersey?? Jason loves the A's and Allyson loves the Dodgers; but together they make the perfect team! Jason & Allyson are an awesome couple and this is just one more example of two great people in love.

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