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Dave and Gina Highlight Citizen Hotel and Sacramento Videographer

Whats in a name? When Gina went looking for a videographer for their wedding, she came across Frontsidefilms
and thought this must be related to action sports. Thats where we got our start, its how Frontsidefilms was born. From there the pressure was on to create two films for Dave and Gina. Its always a challenge to decide how best to tell a couples story. This story goes from Bodega Bay to the Citizen in downtown Sacramento. All I could think about was the energy and excitement these two bring to life and their relationship. Thank you Dave and Gina for the for all the fun, excitement and most of all great memories!

Brent and Heather Placerville Videographer

Brent and Heather were married in Placerville at the Davies Family Inn, a cute bed and breakfast tucked away in the foothills! It was a day full of everything that they love, and themed after the Disney movie "Tangled." They chose this date because they wanted to be married under the blue moon, being that it is symbolic of their love for each other. As with falling in love, it is a rare and special experience to see two full moons in one month. Brent and Heather's blue moon is the only one to have occurred in the last 3 years! We are so happy that they included us on their day to capture these memories for them forever!

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