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Jason and Allyson the Highlight

Mariea from MRP Photography said to me I have this really cool couple Jason and Allyson, getting married soon and you need to come with me and meet them. After getting to meet Jason and Allyson and doing their engagement film, I was so excited to film their wedding. They are both so laid back and fun. Love Love Love hanging out with these two. Sometimes things can get a little busy and stressed at weddings, trying to keep on schedule, but this day flew by for us. We felt apart of the wedding not just at the wedding. So sit back, relax, and watch this story unfold. Good Times!!!

Mariea Rummel Photography

Jessica Sigafoos

Face Art
Professional Make Up
Debra Lee Andersohn

Denon Doyle Disc Jockey Company
Sean Kootsey

Naoum and Trang Highlight

Rami, Naoum’s brother hired us as a surprise wedding gift. Awesome!! I couldn’t think of a better gift. Nauom and Trang were super cool to work with. It was fun to experience the two cultures coming together. Beautiful; just watch and see!

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